Calling all Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs: Including Coaches, Service Providers, and Small Business Owners . . .

Creating a Killer Marketing Strategy that’s Affordable Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Marketing is necessary! But it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and a couple toes.

Get ready to take a deep dive into the very strategies that put me in a position to sustain my
5-figure business in spite of the Pandemic.

Are you tired of struggling, stressing, and scrounging to find clients?

That was me, before I decided that there had to be a better, easier, more affordable way to market my business.

I found it! Actually, I discovered 10 ways that are low-cost or no cost at all, except your time. And then I wrote a book about them. It became an Amazon #1 International Best Seller.

Small Business Marketing IdeasUN-Market Your Business: 10 Ways to Stand Out, Stop Struggling, and Start Profiting helped me to connect with other Brilliant Creators and show them how to market more authentically, connect strategically, and cash in on more opportunities.

Imagine how awesome it feels when clients come to you instead of you chasing after them.

When it first started to happen, all I could do was Praise God and then Thank Him, because it had been a long time coming and a feast or famine struggle.

But you don’t have to wait or struggle.

I’ll teach you how to become the authority people are searching for right now.

I’ll teach you how to stand out from the crowded marketspace with proven marketing concepts, strategies, and tactics that really work.

It’s all available, right now, in the . . .

UN-Marketing Academy

What is UN-Marketing and how will the UN-Marketing Academy help you?

It’s the 21 Century’s version of marketing. It’s about taking traditional marketing’s expensive, frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing strategies OUT of the picture and replacing them with low-cost and no-cost, authentic, soul-stirring strategies that really do work.

People are looking to connect with like-minded individuals and form authentic, mutually beneficial relationships.

UN-Marketing teaches you HOW to do that! Without breaking the bank.

Using the strategies I teach in the book, you’ll able to get in front of the audience who is already searching for you and the solutions you bring.

The Strategies:

  1. Become Author of: You can’t spell Authority without the word “Author.” Writing a book gives you instant authority and credibility in your audience’s eyes. Getting that book to “Best Seller” solidifies your expertise even more.

  2. Master Social Media: One of the most powerful marketing tactics out there and you can use it totally free. And get results.

  3. Get Behind a Cause: Consumers and business owners alike are looking for companies that are aligned with a cause that’s close to their heart.

  4. Speak Out: There really isn’t a better way to build Know, Like, and Trust instantly. Speaking gets you up close and personal with your audience whether you are live or virtual.

  5. Run For President: I built my business on networking. Meeting, greeting, connecting, and profiting can all be the result from utilizing networking.

  6. Collaborate: Working with other Brilliant Creators, even competitors, can take your business to a whole new level.

  7. Show Out: This is all about the hottest trend out there, podcasting. It’s like being in your audience’s pocket anytime they need to hear from you.

  8. Get Intimate with H.A.R.O.: I would not have been able to connect with some of the influential guests that I’ve interviewed and worked with, if it hadn’t been for H.A.R.O. (Help a Reporter Out).

  9. Treasure Hunt in Groups: More than two-thirds of my clients come from social media. This is the way to prospect for clients authentically using Facebook groups, and it really works.

  10. Trending for Dollars: Follow the trends, insert your business, and watch how your reach and your money grows.

Meet Carol

Carol J. DunlopI’m Carol J. Dunlop, the co-founder and CCO at CSI Corporation, the company my huband Alvin and I founded in 1994, only months after we married. I am blessed to be a 6X Best-selling author. 

My tribe calls me “The Online WOW! Strategist.” I teach Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs to convert marketing into money by becoming the Go-To Expert in their niche or industry. My clients hail from cities across the U.S.A., the U.K., New Zealand, and Australia. I’m honored to have shared the stage with the likes of Master Business Coach Aprille Franks, Nyala Phillips, Dr. Ranelli Williams, and NY Times Best-Selling Author Mike Michalowicz.

I’ve created five unique podcasts where I’ve featured such guests as 8-Time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney, Katie Krimitso, Dr. Cheryl Wood, National broadcaster Mark Hayes, and the SportsBizMiss Kristi Dosh.

I’ve also produced eight virtual summits and in the last 3 years created 40+ Best-Selling authors. Right now, I’m working to promote the Best-Selling books, Influential podcasts, Expert summits, and Signature events that my students are creating in my signature program, Authority Creators Lab.

How does the UN-Marketing Academy
fit into all this?

I’ve taken the VERY BEST trainings, master classes, virtual summits, and strategies that I’ve taught and packed them together inside of the UN-Marketing Academy.

The Trainings:

Here’s a sampling of the 250+ trainings inside the Academy.

These trainings put you in the position to become the Authority in your niche or industry, one step at a time.

  • Build Your Authority By Building Your List
  • Be Seen, Be Heard, Get Paid
  • 3 Ways to Master, Manage & Succeed through change

These are short trainings covering one of the strategies or 4 Pillars.

  • 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Videos
  • Coaching vs DIY: Which is Best for You?
  • Hot Trend Marketing and how to really work it

These trainings cover how to use your website for marketing.

  • Use Anthologies to get traffic to your website

  • Make Search Engines Fall In Love With Your Website

  • Quick Website Tweaks To Automate Your Marketing

These trainings go over every part of your website.

  • Your Email Address Could Be Costing You Sales!

  • Your Money-making Blog

  • 10 Elements Every Website Must Have

Class-style trainings on needed marketing strategies with me solo or with another expert

  • How To Harness The Power Of Social Media

  • How to use your blog to get more traffic to your website

  • Creative Clarity: From Overwhelming Idea Confusion to Laser-Focused Strategy

5 of my best summits about marketing

  • Authority Marketing Summit

  • The Online Business Success Summit

  • The Ultimate List-building Summit

  • The UN-Marketing Virtual Summit

  • Book Marketing Mega Summit

I know that you will enjoy, learn from and grow because of watching, reading, and listening to these trainings.

I’ve used ALL of these strategies myself and taught them and/or used them with my clients.

What Carol's Clients are Saying . . .

Kimberly Purcell, Artist
Carol took my website from mediocre to beautiful
Carol took my website from mediocre to a fully functioning, much easier to use beautiful site.
Kimberly Purcell
Nadine Mullings, The B.E.S.T. Marketing Strategist
I 4x’d my website traffic and increased new clients by 10%.
Working with Carol J. Dunlop, I am now a Best-Selling Author, Influential Podcaster, and Expert event creator. I 4x’d my website traffic and increased new clients by 10%.
Nadine Mullings
The B.E.S.T. Marketing Strategist
Candice L. Davis, Master Author Coach
I’m getting more out of social media in less time.
Carol’s social media strategies helped me to comfortably get out of my safe space. I’m getting more out of social media in less time. My email list is growing and that has equaled more sales!
Candice L. Davis
Master Author Coach
Wendy Ellin, Workplace Productivity Strategist
Carol is smart, creative, supportive, and an expert
I was stressing about using social media, as fate would have it, the right person was sitting to the right of me at just the right time. Carol is smart, creative, supportive, and there to do what she’s an expert in.
Wendy Ellin
Workplace Productivity Strategist
June Cline, CSP
She listens to what you want and knows what you need
Working with Carol J Dunlop on my website continues to be a powerful blast of knowledge, expertise and FUN. Not only does she listens to what you want, she knows what you need and gently, or sometimes not, guides you to the best choice for your desired outcome.
June Cline, CSP
Anita R. Henderson, The Write Image Consulting, LLC
Carol took our online presence to the next level
While working with Carol, we created a snazzy sizzle reel video and opt-in so we could capture leads and build our email list. Carol took our online presence to the next level with our membership area, increased traffic, and new store.
Anita R. Henderson
The Write Image Consulting, LLC
Wendy Y. Bailey - Master Business Coach, CEC, C.NLP
Carol is knowledgeable about her craft
Carol is knowledgeable about her craft and truthful about what can be accomplished within proposed time frames.
Wendy Y. Bailey
Master Business Coach, CEC, C.NLP
Dr. Susan Stukes - Certified Health Coach, Oral Health Specialist and Whole Health Practitioner
I got leads from the first campaign
Carol created structured campaigns that captured my audience’s attention. I got leads from the first campaign Carol created. My followers are growing daily.
Dr. Susan Stukes
Certified Health Coach, Oral Health Specialist and Whole Health Practitioner

Who is this Academy for?

  • Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs like yourself who are seeking real marketing strategies that work.
  • Coaches who’ve chased one shiny marketing strategy after another, but have not found success.
  • Small business owners who don’t want to break the bank with their marketing budget and want low-cost and no-cost marketing strategies.
  • Service providers who are tired of trying to convince potential clients that have champagne tastes and beer budgets, that they are the right one for the job.
  • Action takers who are ready to move their business to the next level but are unsure of how to get in front of the people who will pay them.

    This is not a pie in the sky, get rich scheme. If you’re looking for that, please keep searching.

    Building a successful business takes work AND marketing. Without marketing, NO ONE knows you exist.

If they don’t know you exist, you can’t help.

What Clients are saying . . .

Dr. Lougenia J. TrailBlazer Rucker, Transformational Life Coach
Carol Dunlop, she makes it fun and easy to learn
I just luv, luv, luv working with Carol Dunlop, she makes it fun and easy to learn and do new things to take your business to the next level. She helped me breakthrough my mental block about doing LIVES.
Dr. Lougenia TrailBlazer Rucker
Transformational Life Coach
Myra McElhaney, Author/Speaker/Writer
Carol helped me figure out how to maximize videos
Carol helped me figure out how to maximize using the videos on social media. It was a joy to work with her.
Myra McElhaney
Brenda Paulen DMD
We now rank higher on Google
Carol provided exciting creative input to my marketing. Her videos are fun and informative. Her social media posts are timely and relevant. We now rank higher on Google and are more easily found.
Brenda Paulen, DMD
Cathy DeMartino, ProWIN
Carol has a very collaborative approach
Carol has a very collaborative approach, and wants her clients to be thrilled with the end result. We were! She listened to our many requests, and ultimately designed exactly what we needed for our upgraded website.21020
Cathy DeMartino
Tana Gildea, Author
I didn’t have to waste my time “figuring it out!”
I was overwhelmed. Carol helped me set up my website and social media presence so I didn’t have to waste my time “figuring it out!”
Tana Gildea
Shane Bonilla, We Are III
Great ideas bringing big payoffs
Carol Dunlop set up my social media to market my CrossFit gym. She connected the accounts, came up with great ideas for events and fundraising, bringing big payoffs.
Shane Bonilla
We Are III
Vicki Gordon, Collins Gordon Group
Easy to understand
Carol explains opportunities for social media and how to maximize them, in easy to understand terms.
Vicki Gordon
Collins Gordon Group
Tracy West, Irresistible Pound Cakes
Easy social media management
Carol merged all of my social media platforms making them easier to manage.
Tracy West
Irresistible Pound Cakes

Who is this Academy NOT for?

People who aren’t ready or don’t want to work on their business. Instead, you’re looking for a quick win and a get rich quick scheme.

Anyone not willing to dedicate the time needed to perfect their marketing to reach the right people.

Someone looking for a Done-for-you, All-in-one marketing system in a box. Marketing is personal and being authentic wins EVERYTIME.

What I can promise you is that if you follow my lead, advice, and directions, you will achieve success. But, YOU need to do the work!

What you get in the UN-Marketing Academy

  • All of the 250+ video trainings include a video (MP4), and audio (MP3), and transcript (PDF).
  • This way you can watch, read, and/or listen on your own schedule, at your own pace. New trainings are added monthly.
  • Those low-cost and no-cost strategies are the exact methods I use in my business today.

  • I know you’ll have questions, so each month, we’ll have a members-only Q&A training and coaching call.

  • You’ll also get to meet and network with other Brilliant Creators inside the Academy Community. Masterminding and brainstorming are essential to your success and you get to do that inside the safe-space of the Academy.

How to make the UN-Marketing Academy
work for you!

Follow the Step-by-Step Marketing Roadmap that I’ve set up as the very first thing that you do once you get inside the Academy. I cover marketing basics, the guiding principles of marketing success, online business success, and the most important step of all – how to TAKE ACTION and make the money you want.

Dive into the Library: The trainings are segmented so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Or you can go through the categories and explore. Either way, you’ll walk away with the knowledge and the know-how to market your business.

Tap into the Community: The community is the place to go to get your questions answered, test out your strategies, ask for feedback, and gain support from fellow Purpose Driven Enterpreneurs.

Take advantage of the resources: Checklists, cheatsheets, templates, workbooks, and playbooks galore are all part of the resources available to you inside, including (but not limited to):

  • Blog Promotion Playbook
  • Podcast Promotion Playbook
  • Eye-Catching Headlines
  • Email Marketing Automation Setup

All this and much more inside the Academy!

30-Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

30 day money-back guaranteeWhen you join you’re protected with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t feel that you’ve gained value and learned strategies needed to next-level your business, within the next 30 days, all you need to do is let me know. I’ll promptly send you a refund, no questions asked, headaches, or hoops to jump through.

These strategies work. I’m doing them or have done them. So get to work, try them out and if you don’t feel the same, get your refund. It’s as simple as that.

It’s time to STOP Struggling to create your killer marketing strategy and START Profiting from your efforts.

Join Today through Cyber Monday for only $1


$ 27 Per Month
  • Recurring payment - cancel anytime
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


$ 243 Per Year
  • Recurring payment - cancel anytime
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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What type of Purpose Driven Entrepreneur is the UN-Marketing Academy for?

Entrepreneurs, service providers, coaches, consultants, and small business owners who are longing for online marketing training that helps them convert their marketing into money.

I’m just beginning to market my business. Is the Academy right for me?

Absolutely! This Academy covers marketing basics, which is where you should be starting. But it also takes you into planning and implementing with some serious mindset training thrown in. All while staying budget conscious.

My marketing strategies are going OK, how can the Academy help me?

Marketing is never-ending and ever-changing. There’s always something newer and better on the horizon. I stay updated on the trends, platforms, services, and strategies so you can choose what works best for you and then implement it.

Do I receive anything in the mail?

Nope, this Academy is 100% online.

What if I don’t feel that I am getting value from my membership?

No worries at all, just drop me an email and let me know, before your first 30 days pass and I’ll refund your money.

Can I upgrade to the annual membership and still get the launch special pricing?

Yes, you can! Just let me know and I will honor the annual pricing advertised here, on this page. The only stipulation is that you must have joined as a Founding Member and your membership will still need to be active, with no lapses in membership, at the time you decide to upgrade.

Are all the trainings available when I sign up or are they dripped out over time?

Everything is available now. Plus, New trainings are added monthly.

Can I get one-on-one help with my marketing so I can customize it to my business?

Yes indeed! I have one-on-one coaching available with my Take Action Marketing Coaching program. There’s also my 2-hour UN-Marketing Intensive where we go over your marketing plan step-by-step. 

Why should I become a member now, instead of waiting?

Simple. NOW is the time to action in marketing your business successfully. There is no time to waste . . . IF you want to make more money in your business. 

What happens if I cancel my membership?

Nothing really, other than you will no longer have access to the awesome content, community, and coaching calls. I hate to see you go, but I do understand when you are at a point where you want to cancel. It’s quick and painless. Just a click or 2.

If I cancel will I still be able to access the content and coaching calls?

No, sorry, once you cancel you will no longer have access to the Academy. But, you can always join again, at the advertised price.

Is there a trial membership?

No, not at this time.  However, keep your eyes open.

If you’re still unsure, let’s chat! You can schedule a conversation with me by clicking this link.

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